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 Deities for my unnamed campaign

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PostSubject: Deities for my unnamed campaign   Deities for my unnamed campaign Icon_minitimeThu Apr 07, 2011 11:45 am

I just finished working out the deities, and I thought I'd copy/paste the end result here. If nothing else, I automatically put things in BBCode when writing in notepad, and now I want to see it all properly formatted.

Hyperion, God of Justice (LG)

The standard Lawful Good God of Justice. Primary tenets of Hyperionic faith primarily revolve around the defense of the weak, justice for the wicked, and compassion for the less fortunate.

Artemis, Goddess of the Forests (CG)

Although compassionate towards all living things, Artemis also teaches adherence to the harsh laws of nature. You kill only what you eat, what's trying to eat you, or what's trying to eat what you planned on eating. She defends what forests remain with vicious fury. Artemis favors the Elves.

Pollux, God of Industry (LN)

Pollux teaches hard work and preparation, as well as strong concern for one's family before one's community, and one's community before everything else. His followers frequently have a fortress mentality concerning strangers. Pollux favors the Dwarves.

Kronos, God of Magic (LN)

Kronos teaches discipline and curiosity as equally vital in his followers, and shuns those who lack one or both.

Castor, God of Trade (N)

Castor teaches profit. Although not cruel, Castor is ruthless, and teaches his followers to exploit and abuse whoever they can in order to make bank. It's best not to upset good customers, though, or you might lose business. Castor favors the Halflings.

Tyche, Goddess of Wealth and Nobility (CN)

Tyche believes in the right of the noble classes to live off the work of the lesser classes, and...Well, not much else. Tyche is fond of the political maneuvering found in royal courts, of cliques and conspiracies.

Chaos, God of Insanity (CN)

Chaos doesn't really seem to teach anything. Madmen do tend to end up as his followers, however. No one's quite sure what goes on inside those temples of his. Some say there's method to his madness. Others say that this is what Chaos wants you to think. Most say that the first two groups are probably overthinking it. Chaos favors Half-Elves and Half-Orcs. And half-anything, really.

Alastor, God of Oppression (LE)

Alastor teaches that every time you abuse someone, you are forcing them to either grow stronger or perish under your heel, and that either way, the world is a stronger and better place for it. He is not popular at parties. Alastor favors Goblins of all stripes, but especially Hobgoblins.

Deimos, God of Secrets (LE)

Deimos teaches his followers to know things man was not meant to know, and then make sure no other man ever knows it. Knowledge is power, and followers of Deimos believe in amassing that power for themselves. Deimos or his followers are said to be behind nearly every conspiracy in the world. Deimos favors the Gnomes.

Draco, Dragon God of Power (NE)

Draco teaches control. Unlike Alastor, he does not have any pretensions about doing what's best for the world, only about doing what's best for you, personally. Unsurprisingly, he favors Dragons, but also Lizardmen and Kobolds.

Thanatos, God of Necromancy (NE)

Not the God of Death (there is no such thing), Thanatos has no respect for the natural cycle, and delights in bending the laws of reality to his whims. Thanatos favors Vampires, Liches, and anyone else who's knowingly made themselves undead.

Acheron, Goddess of Corruption (NE)

The less said about her, the better.

Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance (CE)

An eye for an eye doesn't begin to describe the extent of Nemesis' vendettas. Disproportionate retribution is the crux of her philosophy, the idea being that if you disembowel everyone who bumps your shoulder in a crowd, no one will even think about trying to scam or mug you. Nemesis favors the Orcs and Gnolls.

Deities by Race:

Human: Hyperion, Castor, Tyche, Kronos, Chaos
Dwarf: Draco, Pollux
Elf: Artemis, Kronos
Gnome: Kronos, Deimos, Castor
Half-Elf: Hyperion, Castor, Kronos, Chaos, Deimos, Artemis
Half-Orc: Draco, Nemesis, Alastor, Chaos
Halfling: Castor, Tyche

Deities by Class:

Barbarian: Artemis, Nemesis, Chaos
Bard: Castor, Tyche
Cleric: Hyperion, Pollux, Castor, Tyche, Alastor, Deimos, Draco, Thanatos, Nemesis
Druid: Artemis
Fighter: Hyperion, Pollux, Castor, Alastor, Draco, Nemesis
Illusionist: Kronos, Deimos, Chaos
Necromancer: Thanatos
Monk: Hyperion, Pollux, Alastor, Deimos
Paladin: Hyperion
Ranger: Artemis
Rogue: Castor, Tyche, Chaos, Draco, Nemesis
Sorcerer: Kronos, Deimos, Chaos
Wizard: Kronos, Deimos, Draco
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Deities for my unnamed campaign
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