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 The Archetype Character Creation System.

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The Archetype Character Creation System. Empty
PostSubject: The Archetype Character Creation System.   The Archetype Character Creation System. Icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 3:05 pm

Archetypes is a rules lite system made to not interfere in the role playing system and allow the players to easily make their own characters. The system uses d4 dice.

First we start off with the attributes, which are basically eight attributes divided into four character archetypes of fantasy stories: The Warrior, The Mage, The Rogue, and the Face.

The Warrior is the main guy for fighting at the front lines whether they be the burly warrior, the martial artist from the east, or the heavy weapons expert. Their main stats are:

The Mage is the guy who can set you on fire, the wisest one of a group, and overall stays in the back. Most of his spells are custom made by him. Their main stats are:

The Rogue is light, flexible, and unorthodox in a fight usually the one who keeps the foes on their feet.
Their main stats are:

The Face is social one of the group usually doing the bargaining, seducing, or intimidating when needed. Their main stats are:

All attributes start at 1d and the player chooses one archetype, bumping up those two stats to 2d. The player then receives 4d to spread across whatever stats they choose. The maximum number of dice an attribute can have is 3d.

For skills, the player can make up their own skills with a maximum of five dice in each skill. Each skill must have a parent attribute, for example you have a pistol skill so it's parent attribute is Deftness. You start with twenty dice to distribute.

Here is an example of a character:

The Hunter

The Warrior:
Might: 1d
Toughness: 2d

The Mage:
Power: 2d

The Rogue:
Speed: 2d
Deftness: 2d

The Face:
Social: 1d
Appearance: 1d

Gun: 5d (Parent Attribute: Deftness)
Bomb Making: 5d (Parent Attribute: Awareness)
Horse Riding: 5d (Parent Attribute: Deftness)
Anti-Magic: 5d (Parent Attribute: Power)

Whenever you roll, the formula you roll the number of dice you have against a target number. However if a specific skill is used, you add together how many dice you have for that skill and the parent attribute then roll.

Characters choose one weapon. Clothing does not affect attributes.

Basically Power is the maximum amount you can use for that spell.
Example: If want to heal someone you can roll 3d4 for the healing spell if you have a Power of 3.

For more effects you divide the dice across effects. Example: You want to shield someone and heal them? You can place 2d4 on shielding them and 1d4 on healing them or vice versa but the amount of dice in a spell cannot exceed your power.

Your character can have up to two spells per power die they have.
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The Archetype Character Creation System.
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