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 Politics in Sedini

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PostSubject: Politics in Sedini   Politics in Sedini Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 3:31 am

I'm going to start by saying that you guys should find some other chatroom, preferably one that will flash the tab or make a noise whenever it updates, specifically so that you can plot where I can't see. Just because if you ever have a plan that stretches over more than one adventure and you're being actively opposed by one or more of my villainous schemers, ultimately whether or not that plan gets seen through and blocked is a matter of DM fiat. After the first stage of the plan unfolds, I ask myself "is my villain smart enough to figure out the rest of the plan now that he's seen the first stage?" It's so much more fun if you guys can scheme someplace where I can't see, and we can have an actual battle of plot and counter-plot.

Also, in the interests of plotting, here is a crash course on local politics in Sedini:


The Council: The most powerful faction in the city, hands down. They control the Markets and the Docks, ostensibly control the Old Quarter and the Dragon's Quarter as well (not to mention the countryside), their available resources are absurd compared to all the other factions, and the only reason anyone else gets a piece of the pie at all without their direct say-so is because the Council isn't just playing the local politics, but also the regional politics, so the bulk of their resources are directed at combating Flores and Giovanni. Its three members are Councillor Vigo, Councillor Leo, and Councillor Mecci. Various rumors suspect every single one of them having a secret alliance with every other faction in the city. At least one or two of them most definitely does have a secret alliance with at least one or two of the factions, but who and to which is a matter of guesswork. Or investigation.

The Guard: Led by Captain Nico, the Guard are the second most powerful faction in the city, and technically the direct instruments of the Council's law, and thus theoretically the same faction. They control most of the Markets and the Docks, and their understanding with Razzar the Lizard King is an open secret, and for this reason the Lizardfolk are allowed to keep their own laws in the Dragon's Quarter so long as they don't break any while in the rest of the city and the Guard turns a blind eye to anything that'd be considered a crime by official law in the Dragon's Quarter. The Guard's primary rivals are the Thieves Guild, unsurprisingly.

The Thieves Guild: Led by Thief Master Emilio, the Thieves Guild are not as powerful as the Guard, but entrenched enough in the Old Quarter that they cannot be easily removed. They fight a shadow war with the Guard for control of the Markets, a war which is stalemated by virtue of the Guard having more total resources available but the Thieves Guild being able to disappear completely into the Old Quarter, where no member of the Guard would dare tread without at least a half-dozen of his comrades to back him up. The Thieves Guild know the Guard, though incapable of stamping out crime, is quite capable of destroying its organizations. This, however, leads to chaos, explicitly what the Guard wants to avoid. Thus, the Thieves Guild constantly seeks to push the envelope as far as they can without provoking the Guard into doing something drastic.

The Dragon's Quarter: The faction and the location are effectively synonymous. The Dragon's Quarter has its own set of laws de facto, enforced by Razzar's own guard, called the Rivitri by the Lizardfolk and Kobolds but usually called the Dragonguard by everyone else, who can't be bothered to remember Draconic words (similarly, while most of the Dragon's Quarter simply refers to Razzar by name, he's called the Lizard King by the rest of Sedini). The Dragon's Quarter is assumed to be less powerful than the Guard or the Thieves Guild, since they very obviously have a lower standard of living, but both the other factions leave the lizards alone for fear of them acting as kingmaker, so it's impossible to be certain. Razzar does send taxes to the Council, but the chests are inspected inside government buildings, so no one knows how much is inside them, or even if anything is inside them (the same chests are sent back after the taxes are collected).

The Temple of Hyperion: While most priests of Castor or Tyche are ultimately allied with the Guard or, occasionally, the Thieves Guild, the Temple of Hyperion answers to the Pope in Sanctus. Locally led by Bishop Mercurio, they are mostly concerned with getting the people of Sedini to take up arms against Acheron or at least prepare for her inevitable arrival. Most of their actual actions, however, are ones of goodwill, attempting to ease the burden on the poor and weak, a task which is often daunting in the face of the realities of life. The Markets are the only place where Mercurio has much influence, though they have a smattering of adherents in the Docks as well. Mercurio's power is dwarfed by the other factions.

Flores: Technically not at war with Sedini at the moment, but everyone knows that could change at the drop of a hat and Flores and Sedini do their level best to infiltrate one another and muck up their enemies' economy regardless of whether or not they happen to be going to blows this instant. Most of Flores' resources are reserved for the Genovese Duchy, however, being that they are at war with them. Flores agents might surface anywhere, even the Dragon's Quarter, and their relationships to other factions is totally unknown and might even vary from agent to agent.

The Dockers: Liked by absolutely no one and without any powerful leaders since Emilio killed their founders several years ago, the Dockers are little more than a nuisance to the rest of the factions in Sedini. Even the Temple of Hyperion is unintimidated by them. No faction can be bothered to spare the resources to exterminate them completely, but the Temple of Hyperion is making a (mostly unsuccessful) effort to convert them. This has led to more than a few Dockers jumping preachers out of irritation. Whether the encounter ends with a bruised or dead preacher or the Dockers fleeing in terror before the divine might of Hyperion's clerics depends mostly on the luck of the Dockers.

The Giovanni Family: There's no trace of him in the city that anyone can pin down for sure, but practically everyone is convinced he's got his fingers in the pie somewhere. Some say he already controls the city.

Sections of the City

Note: The stars mark a total power comparison between all relevant factions. The brackets are just to keep the stars even for easy comparison.

The Markets: Refers not only to the Markets themselves but also the residential areas around them. These are on the north side of the city. Controlled mostly by the Guard, the Thieves Guild and the Temple of Hyperion also have some influence here. By far the wealthiest area, and also the location of the Plaza di Sole. The Guard's military presence is overwhelming, but the Temple of Hyperion and the Thieves Guild both have a fair amount of friends amongst the general population. The Thieves Guild is also known to have some important people bribed, but obviously no one knows who. As usual with the rumors in Sedini, every single important person in the district has at least a few people who think they're being bribed.
Guard: [][]*****
Hyperion: ***
Thieves: []**

The Docks: The Guard rules this almost exclusively. As with the Markets, it also refers to the residential areas around it (mostly slums), as well the smaller markets set up to serve those areas. The Dockers make trouble in the side areas occasionally, but the locals despise them as much as everyone else, and the Guard won't let them near the actual docks or any of the routes needed to get goods to the Markets.
Guard: [][]****
Hyperion: **
Thieves: []*
Dockers: [*

The Old Quarter: Controlled almost completely by the Thieves Guild, though the Guard is known to have a few informants and occasionally a huge pack of guards will march in to destroy specific operations if they can find out about them. The Thieves Guild will almost always retaliate by having as many of the specific guards involved killed over the next few weeks, something which has varying levels of success. Otherwise, the Guard has absolutely no presence here. The Temple of Hyperion is decidedly unwelcome, so those who do convert keep quiet about it and usually move if they can.
Thieves: ****
Guard: []*

Dragon's Quarter: The only section of the city that is completely and undisputedly under the control of a single faction. There are a variety of reasons for this. It's worth very little. Very few of its inhabitants will have anything to do with the other factions. No one knows exactly how much military power Razzar can bring to bear against other factions. They want almost nothing except to be left alone.
Lizards: ?
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PostSubject: Re: Politics in Sedini   Politics in Sedini Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 3:58 am

Y'know, you never give me any credit. Howsabout a footnote mentioning that I questioned you for these details? Very Happy
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Politics in Sedini
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