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 The World in Broad Strokes

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Thinking on the setting whilst concocting a few adventures for the party to pick from on Thursday, I've come up with some quick notes on all the regions close enough to Sedini that the characters could reasonably be expected to know about them, as well as notes on places that the characters come from and therefore would know about and could easily share with the party during the weeklong interim between the adventure I've dubbed Fun With Kobolds and whichever one you go for in the next session. As it happens, since Ethelulf probably comes from the far northern region, Conri and Talroc from the central region, Camlann from the northwestern island, and bugger all if I know where Salzlar comes from, he doesn't even have a background yet, remind me to make sure he gets himself one before session's end on Thursday.

Anyways. Crash course on the realms as far as the party is aware, which is almost all of them.

Videl Peninsula: This is home to the Republic of Sedini, and yes the region finally has a name. By far the wealthiest and most well-protected of the known realms. Because of their wealth and relative safety, it is naturally filled to the brim with powerful, civilized factions who all want to kill each other. The main theaters of conflict are down south, where the Republic of Flores is fighting with the Genovese Duchy and has greedy eyes for Sedini as well, up north, where the Republics of Giovanni and Guilder fight shadow wars with one another, and in the islands of the Argent Sea to the east, where the Kingdom of Vicci and the Papacy of Sanctus both desperately try to halt or at least slow the apparently unstoppable onslaught of Acheron. Local monsters include primarily Kobolds, Gnolls, Lizardfolk, and assorted Dire animals. What it lacks in monsters it makes up for with an overabundance of mercenary guilds with class levels. Level range is roughly 1-10.

The Antigane Coast: North of the Videl Peninsula, and technically also including the Lebenstrom Uplands (the Lebenstrom River breaks into the Verde Fiume in Flores and the Benedizione del Dio Fluviale, usually shortened to the Dio Fiume, in the Sanctus Papacy). Although there are a few Duchies and Marquisates scattered throughout, the bulk of the region is controlled by the Kingdom of Antigany, and the collection of smaller states are reduced to puppets for the proxy wars between Antoine Royale, his younger brother Enjour Royale, the minister Martin Richesse, the Dowager Queen Catherine Royale, and a powerful mercenary captain named Gabriel Glaive. Unlike the Videl Peninsula, which keeps its roads well patrolled to keep the economies running smoothly, the various power players of Antigany can't really be bothered to keep their holdings well-protected barring only the cities they personally live in. As such, the wilderness is overrun by not only bandits of the civilized races, but Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs, Lizardfolk, Bugbears, and Ogres, and the cities are choked with criminals and the not-infrequent Gargoyles. Demons and Devils emerge from Hell to terrorize the smaller villages on a whim. Level range is roughly 2-7.

Wolkereich Mountains: The source of the Lebenstrom River, north of the Lebenstrom Uplands and northeast of the Antigane Coast. Home of the Pollux-worshipping Dwarves of the south. There are also several small mixed-race communities in the valleys above the Dwarven halls. Aboveground, the villages of friendly races are plagued by neighboring villages of Goblins, Orcs, and Bugbears, which are occasionally run by Ogres. They also suffer from wandering Trolls. As in the Antigane Coast, Demons and Devils terrorize these villages at will. Belowground, the Dwarven clans fight an eternal war against the Goblins and Kobolds. Level range is roughly 3-11.

The Sylvan Woodlands: North of the Antigane Coast (though more east than north of the Coast's northernmost tip), west of the Gora Vampir Mountains, encircling the Wolkereich Mountains on the west, north, and east, south of Miklafell, including the southern coast of Athar Bay, and the northern coast of the Argent Sea. The Sylvan Woodlands are massive. They're also thoroughly underdeveloped and underpopulated, because the Wild Elves reign supreme there. Viciously guarded by them and other servants of Artemis, there are a few citystates allowed to live and even thrive in the midst of this endless forest, but the vast distances between them and the ever-watchful eye of the Wild Elves mean they are never able to expand their borders to meet one another, let alone go to war. The city-state of Kylopolis, on the coast of the Argent Sea, is a fairly major port for the trade routes of the Argent Sea and the Wolkereich Mountains northwest of Kylopolis, the caravans between which the Wild Elves permit. Kylopolis is otherwise notable only for being the nearest major city to the small towns/wilderness where Talroc and Conri (respectively) were raised. The Wild Elves of the Sylvan Woodlands fight battles with Kobolds (they're everywhere), Goblins, Orcs, Bugbears, Ogres, Harpies, Minotaurs, Trolls, and occasionally Ettins. All of these assorted monsters also make regular attacks on the city-states and their caravans as well. The Sylvan Woodlands is also on the list of places that the Demons and Devils have turned into their playground. Level range is roughly 4-10.

Miklafell: North of the Sylvan Woodlands, and including the north shores of the Athar Bay. The land beneath which the godless Dwarves of the north live, waging an endless war against Draco, the Dragon God, and his draconic armies. Aboveground there are mixed villages of Dwarves and Humans fighting a war against the Troglodytes. Belowground, there are the two Dwarven clans of Jarnsmidr and Herrdrengr, waging war against the Kobolds, the Derro, and the two traitor clans of Karlrekkr and Asprael. This is presumably Ethelulf's homeland. Level range is roughly 5-20.

The Discordian Isles: West of the Videl Peninsula and southwest of the Antigane Coast. Although very close to the civilized world, people prefer not to sail too deep into these isles. The trade route between Videl Peninsula and the Talman Isles to the northwest skirt around their edges. Discordians are the only ones known to have come and gone from them, and they speak of it in vague terms, but they seem to enjoy it. It's said that if you stay there a certain length of time (how long exactly varies from one story to the next) you'll become Discordian yourself. Since the only reports come from extremely unreliable sources, no one's quite sure what, besides the Discordians, lives there. Probably Kobolds, though.

Talman Isles: Southwest of Miklafell, west of the Antigane Coast, northwest of the Discordian Isles, and north of the Hob Archipelago. A collection of three kingdoms which, though run autonomously, have been acting under the collective will of the Archbishop of Altos for all living history (so, about fifty years). Talmea, the largest of the islands, is claimed by the Kingdom of Talmea, to the west of which is a second, smaller island claimed by the Kingdom of Denland, and to the south of that (technically the northern tip of the Hob Archipelago) are the multiple smaller islands that make up the Kingdom of Lammerthir. At any given time, at least one of these kingdoms will be at war with one of the various factions in Miklafell, the Antigane Coast, and especially the Hob Archipelago, on top of which all three of them are constantly feeding troops into the Sanctus Papacy's war against Acheron. Monsters, usually working for Hob Lords from the south, include Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and Ogres. Gargoyles are also known to plague the cities, and the ever-mounting costs of war have driven taxes through the roof, which has led a large portion of the population to take up banditry to stay alive. Infernal incursions into the Talman Isles are far less frequent than Antigany, the Sylvan Woodlands, or the Wolkereich surface, but when they do come, they come in larger numbers with more longterm destructive purposes than simply toying with helpless mortals. Level range is roughly 2-10.

The Hob Archipelago: South of the Talman Isles and west of the Discordian Isles. The Hob Archipelago is run de jure by the Goblin King. De facto, it's run by about a dozen Hob Lords who fight with one another almost as often as they fight with the Kingdom of Lammerthir and its allies. No one in the party knows enough about the politics of the Hob Archipelago to say which of these Hob Lords are powerful and stable and which will be replaced within the year, however. The Archipelago is inhabited by Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and Ogres, and the waters are said to be inhabited by Locathah, Merfolk, and Sahuagin. Level range is roughly 4-12.

The Gora Vampir Mountains: East of the Sylvan Woodlands and Miklafell, northeast of the Argent Sea, and north of the Luminar Wastes. We've finally moved far away enough from civilization that your international party isn't really familiar with what goes on here. The Gora Vampir Mountains are known to be run by a collection of warlords, but the details are fuzzy and probably don't stay consistent year to year anyway. Further east of these is said to be a land ruled by the dead. Inhabited by Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls, Harpies, Minotaurs, Trolls, Ettins, and Ogres. Level range is roughly 6-12.

The Lands of the Dead: East of the Gora Vampir Mountains and said to be ruled by the dead. Even the Kobolds might not manage to survive here, if its really as blanketed in malicious corpses as some of the rumors say.

Magister/Tarsia: Southeast of the Argent Sea and south of the Old Luminar Wastes. These two names both refer to the same nation, though why is not commonly known. Little is known about it except that it is run by the Magi, wizard-clergy of Kronos, and that it is in decline.

The Geheime Koninkryk Lessenaar: West of Magister, south of the Argent Sea, southeast of the Discordian Isles, and called the Geheime for short. Covered in equal parts magnificent city and untamed jungle, and stretching on and on to the south. Very, very little is known about this place beyond that, not even whether it is a single empire or a collection of warring kingdoms or even tribes. It is rumored that the rulers of those magnificent cities are capable of extra-planar travel on a whim.

The Old Luminar Wastes: North of Magister and south of the Gora Vampir Mountains. What these lands used to be before Acheron found them is no longer known. Now, those who go in, do not come out. Rumors of places like the Screaming Ruins, the Sandcrypt, the Eye of Torment, and the Hellmouth could be distant recollections of the few survivors of Acheron's ancient attacks or complete fabrications made by conmen and attention seekers.
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The World in Broad Strokes
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