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PostSubject: Benchmarks   Benchmarks Icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 3:45 pm

These are variable, but at least you'll have a rough idea of the numbers you're looking for.

Knock down an average door: 15
Smash a lock with a solid object: 10
Throw a man: 1 metre per 5 score

Quick draw a gun in a holster: 5
Slide underneath a security door: 10
Outpace a dog in a footrace: 20

Dodge a falling pillar: 5
Kick a gun into your hand: 15
Backflip off of a balcony, onto a bike below: 30

Draw up a detailed architectural plan: 15
Garner additional info from Clarity: 1 detail per 5 score

Run a marathon: 25
Drink alcohol: 2 units per 5 score without getting drunk

Almost all willpower and personality checks are opposed, and thus have no benchmarks here.

Monsters and Mooks

Poor quality henchmen:
Force: d6
Dex: d4
Swift: d4
Phys: d4
Will: d4-4
Cog: d4
Pers: d4-3

1 wound, guns do d6
1 Melee weapon/.22 rifle, occasional assault rifle.
combat skills 2-3
dodging/parrying 1-2

Average quality henchmen:
Force: d8
Dex: d6
Swift: d6
Phys: d6
Will: d6-4
Cog: d6
Pers: d4-3

1 wound, guns do d8
1 Melee weapon/assault rifles, occasional heavy weapons.
combat skills 3-4
dodging/parrying 2-3
a few other useful skills 1-2

High quality henchmen:
Force: d8
Dex: d8
Swift: d8
Phys: d8
Will: d6-1
Cog: d6+1
Pers: d6-2

1 Dire wound
Exotic melee weapons, military gear, heavy weapons. May cast spells.
combat skills 4-5
dodging/parrying 3-4
Other useful skills 2-3

Elite henchmen:
Force: d10
Dex: d10
Swift: d10
Phys: d10
Will: d8
Cog: d8+1
Pers: d8

Full Dire Wounds, best equipment available, depending on their benefactor. May cast spells.
combat skills 6+
dodging/parrying 5+
An array of skills for every situation, 3-4

City folk
Force: d4
Dex: d4
Swift: d4
Phys: d4
Will: d4
Cog: d4
Pers: d4
+1 to three stats

1 wound, normal person equipment.
All skills, combat and noncombat, totally variable.

Village/farm folk
Force: d6
Dex: d4
Swift: d4
Phys: d6
Will: d4
Cog: d4-1
Pers: d4

1 wound, normal person equipment, heavy protective gear possible
Driving 2-3
A variety of skills 2-3
Combat skills possible 1-2
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