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 The First Age: Bloodlines

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The First Age: Bloodlines Empty
PostSubject: The First Age: Bloodlines   The First Age: Bloodlines Icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 2:58 am

Bloodlines is a setting creation game played via forum. It lasts two weeks and takes only about five minutes a day, and it doesn't matter which five minutes. The point of a setting creation game is to create a setting (surprise), and all the rules are geared towards that. The players are expected to help, so if you don't like writing setting details, save yourself the trouble of reading the linked posts. Putting the ad up here because it's run on the Kong forums, and the Demon Haunted World was basically Gibson chat's official D&D campaign for the first few sessions.

No, this is not related to the Demon Haunted World.

EDIT: Note that the word "Bloodlines" in the above post is a link, something which is not obvious because this forum's default text color and default link color are the same.
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The First Age: Bloodlines
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