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 Unoriginal Soundtrack

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PostSubject: Unoriginal Soundtrack   Unoriginal Soundtrack Icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2011 9:04 am

I wanted a dumping ground for all the soundtracks I've been digging up and hey, why not here? Also, I couldn't find a decent Kobold soundtrack until, ironically, after we'd finished the Kobold dungeon. And I doubt you guys will be eager to go into another one any time soon. Oh, well.

1) Cariba Isle
2) Acheron's Laughter
3) The Port of Sedini
4) Kobolds' Theme
5) Lizardfolk's Theme
6) High Society in Videl
7) High Adventure in Videl
8 ) Illusionist's Theme
9) Gnolls' Theme
10) Lurking Childer
11) Childer Approach
12) Childer Attack
13) Psyche's Theme
14) Phoenix Rising
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Unoriginal Soundtrack
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